Calling Maggie May, by Anonymous

Ebook Download Calling Maggie May, by Anonymous

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Calling Maggie May, by Anonymous

Calling Maggie May, by Anonymous

Calling Maggie May, by Anonymous

Ebook Download Calling Maggie May, by Anonymous

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Calling Maggie May, by Anonymous

A dark and edgy first-person cautionary tale about how one girl’s seemingly minor choices quickly spiraled into a life as a sex worker in the tradition of Go Ask Alice and Lucy in the Sky.

She had a normal life, until one small decision changed everything. Suddenly, there were new possibilities and new experiences.

But not all of those experiences were good.

Read her shocking story in the diary she left behind.

  • Sales Rank: #37099 in Books
  • Published on: 2015-06-23
  • Released on: 2015-06-23
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.00″ h x .80″ w x 5.00″ l, .0 pounds
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 272 pages

From School Library Journal
Gr 10 Up—In this first-person diarylike novel in the tradition of Go Ask Alice, Maggie lives an ordinary life, which consists of going to school and coming home to her controlling parents. That predictable routine changes when she becomes entangled with Ada Calver. Ada has it all and is everything that Maggie isn’t—gorgeous, confident, and self-assured. The teens become friends, and Maggie learns the real reason Ada seems mature and experienced: Ada is a prostitute. Maggie also gets involved with sex trafficking, and her old life starts to fall apart. She’s failing school and fighting with her parents; her life has completely transformed. Can Maggie turn herself around before it’s too late? Though the sympathetic protagonist is a typical high school girl, she is painted as overly naïve, someone who always makes the wrong decision. Every choice she makes drives her deeper and deeper down a dark hole. There’s no real lightbulb moment for Maggie, and through her diary, readers have to follow the doomed path. There’s no character growth, and the book seems to offer teens a story of destruction rather than a cautionary tale. Nevertheless, this is an important, eye-opening read for young adults. VERDICT For a better look into the harsh realities of the dark world of child prostitution, recommend Nicole Maggi’s The Forgetting (Sourcebooks) and E.R. Frank’s Dime (S. & S., both 2015) instead.—Caitlin Wilson, Brooklyn Public Library

About the Author
Anonymous could be anyone you know.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
Calling Maggie May

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A raw chilling account of a young girl’s spiral into prostitution..
By Amanda Torres
I have always liked these kind of books, I have always found the true life stories to be interesting and compelling. This one was no different. It is told in a diary format about a young girl named Maggie. Her parents are very strict and controlling about everything in her life and she longs for some freedom. She meets a friend at her high school that introduces her to prostitution. She quickly falls into the game, earning herself money and freedom as she spirals down. But her life starts to fall apart as the story continues. The story was very interesting and kept me reading to see what would happen to her next. The ending was very sad, but left some questions. The reason I gave this story 4 stars was because of the ending. It almost didn’t make sense. It was very sad, after a very uplifting last few pages. So I was disappointed about the ending. But over all, I really liked the story and it really makes you think about life choices.

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Great read. What life should she choose?
By Live Outside
I flew through this book in record time and like other Anonymous novels that I have read, I really enjoyed it. In this novel, I loved its language, the emotions and the expression of the words as the characters lived their lives. Maggie spirit was caught about a third of the way into the novel and I knew that my morning would be spent with Maggie as she tries to shake off her mother-given image and uncover an image that she feels fits her better. Written in diary format, Maggie is living in her brother’s shadows and in a perceived notion her mother picked out for her. She wants to be different and hang out with the “cool’ kids but what makes them stick out to Maggie looks good now but when she tries to be like them, the affects become not so pleasing. Maggie has never done anything outside of perfection and befriending Ada, this girl who knows a lot on how to be a bad girl, Maggie is able to conceal this new friendship. Maggie idolizes Ada and Maggie finds her new destructive acts exciting and freeing and soon she finds herself in a world totally different than the world others know her in. Living now in two worlds, I wondered when these two worlds would collide and where Maggie would end up. Maggie’s mind is torn: where does she belong? She knows her mother would be disappointed in her but Maggie is enjoying her new freedom and life that Ada revealed to her yet she also misses parts of her previous life but can she go back and recapture her old life that she used to live in? I was waiting, for it was balancing act and I felt that Maggie could not exist for much longer in both of her worlds, splitting up her life so perfectly between such extreme lifestyles for something had to give. What lifestyle did I want for her? She could comprise both lifestyles but there was no way she could go back to the Maggie that she was at the beginning of the novel, innocent perfect Maggie no longer existed.

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Good Read
By kelly Leavens
Very interesting into the world of prostitution. Ending leaves you a bit wondering but reading worthy. Would recommend to friends.

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Calling Maggie May, by Anonymous PDF
Calling Maggie May, by Anonymous PDF

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