Spank, by Eric Wilkin

Get Free Ebook Spank, by Eric Wilkin

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Spank, by Eric Wilkin

Spank, by Eric Wilkin

Spank, by Eric Wilkin

Get Free Ebook Spank, by Eric Wilkin

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Spank, by Eric Wilkin

Spanking? What’s it all about? Don’t ask me, I’ve only seen it from the business side, as a photographer, but I do know it makes people very horny,’ observes Eric Wilkins, whose 1970s photographs of spanking couples graced the pages of the softcore CP magazine Swish. So when the ‘official’ shoot was over, Eric kept his finger on the shutter button and recorded what models did after the spanking session: this was unscripted, often spontaneously very ‘hardcore’ indeed and, at the time, unprintable. Now in this latest collection from his ‘private’ archives Eric Wilkins’ SPANK! at last tells the full story’ PHOTOGRAPHER: Wilkin, Eric

  • Sales Rank: #3943045 in Books
  • Brand: Brand: Erotic Print Society
  • Published on: 2005-11
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .71″ h x 6.77″ w x 9.80″ l,
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 240 pages


  • Used Book in Good Condition

About the Author
Eric Wilkins, a respected photographer, enjoys a reputation as a ‘glamour’ photographer but continues to expand his porfolio to include all aspects of his experiences. He spent the heady days of the sixties and seventies recording the hedonistic lifestyles around him. He remains at the top of his field. Eric lives in London.

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Well Damn
By M. Martin
Well Damn. This book is the real deal.Made over many years and not for the faint of heart.Not some cute pinked up back side book .Its fore play for grown ups leading to some real hard core . If you have a bent or the above buy this book. MM

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Pleasantly suprised
By Lloyd R. Stevenson
A bit of a surprise. At first glance, going by the cover, this book gave every indicator it was going to be a bit of a waste. The cover, a pretty girl with an `oooh, ouch oh God yeeah!’ look on her face, looking square into the lens and looking way too much like it was staged.

However, reading the book and looking at the photos and it is very different to first impressions. The text speaks about real spanking situations and people’s experience with them and the photos rather than being all fairy floss and glamour are pretty obviously quite real.

I still hardly know my feelings about the subject, I’m not scared of it, I don’t go out of my way to partake in it. However, for what it’s worth I reckon this book is much more `real’ hence more enlightening and stimulating than it would have been if it had been all the `pretty little things’ pretending to be in a spanking situation, hammed up glamour.

First impressions were “Oh dear, this looks like it’ll be garbage”. Later and lasting impressions were-“mmmm, that was a pleasant little detour!” It’s not even really my genre but worth a lookie see for a sense of good clean stimulation and maybe even a better understanding what makes those who’d chew razor blades for a good spanking tick.



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Spank, by Eric Wilkin PDF

Spank, by Eric Wilkin PDF

Spank, by Eric Wilkin PDF
Spank, by Eric Wilkin PDF

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