The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch

Free Ebook The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch

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The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch

The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch

The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch

Free Ebook The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch

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The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch

Money, beauty, power, and love — the youngest members of the Magnolia League have it all. Some may call them lucky, but the truth is they’re charmed. Armed with spells, potions, and conjures from the powerful Buzzard family, the Magnolias have bought their luck…at a price.
Ensconced in the League’s headquarters on Habersham street, golden girl Hayes Anderson would never dream of leaving Savannah, where there’s no problem that can’t be solved with a cup of Swamp Brew tea. But when danger lurks and family secrets are unearthed, Hayes learns that magic can’t fix everything.
Across town at an old mansion on Forsyth Park, recent California transplant Alexandria Lee is on a quest to free her mother’s spirit from a hoodoo spell. As dark magic sweeps through Savannah’s historic squares and misty backwaters, will Hayes and Alex have the strength to save the people they love — and themselves?
Katie Crouch’s second Magnolia League novel is a beguiling story about family, friendship, and the magical ties that bind.

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“For the reader who likes books with magic, intrigue, and romance, this book will be a must-read.”―VOYA

“In the second installment of the Magnolia League series, the stakes are higher, the drama more palpable and the hoodoo even hairier… This creepy, cliffhanging thrill ride will still delight Magnolia League fans and leave them desperate for the next episode.”―Kirkus

About the Author
Katie Crouch was raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Though trained with her friends as a debutante, she never actually made it to the ball. She is the author of the bestselling books Girls in Trucks and Men and Dogs and has written for the San Francisco Chronicle, Glamour, the Guardian (London), and McSweeney’s. She splits her time between San Francisco, California and Edisto Island, South Carolina. The Magnolia League was her young adult debut.

Grady Hendrix’s writing can be found in Slate, Strange Horizons, Lightspeed Magazine and the upcoming ‘Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination.’ He and Katie Crouch went to high school together and were voted “Wittiest” in their senior yearbook. They would have preferred ‘Most Likely to Succeed’.

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An ok second…
By Shanella
** Note ** This review will spoil the first book in this series.
At the end of The Magnolia League, Alex finds that her mother is trapped in the In Between and she’s certain that her grandmother is evil so she makes a bargin with Sina to save her mother and destroy the league, declaring a White Glove War.

I was a bit disappointed with this story because, all the things that let me down me in the first book were magnified in this book. Thaddeus seems to care more about a girl he just met a few days ago, one who is mistreating the sister he claims to love. Alex is well, a bit of a brat. Then, the adults in this story all act like children. The only redeeming characters in this book are Hayes and Madison (even though Madison’s relationship with Dex is a bit out of left field).

However, where the character lacked, the story somewhat made up for them. Alex is working with Sina to help free her mother, meanwhile a force known as the Gray Man is seeking to destroy Alex and anyone who gets in his way. The story wasn’t as suspenseful as it should have been even with all these elements. It’s written in two first person point of views and sometimes switches to third person – which can take a reader out of the flow of the story, making it seem scattered. However, like it’s predecessor, The White Glove was a quick and easy read; one of those books you’d take on a road trip, or to the beach.

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A magical, mysterious follow-up to the first book in the series
By Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books
I was very glad to have The White Glove War right on hand as I finished its predecessor, The Magnolia League. I can’t have imagined a better way to go into it, as all the details from the first book were still fresh in my mind. While I was initially worried that it would become a sophomore slump, I actually ended up liking it even more than The Magnolia League.

The setting, of course, was the main thing that drew me to this book – and I’m happy to say that we find out even more about it. There’s more about where the Buzzards live, for instance, and more about the houses of Hayes and Alex, and even more about Savannah in general. Though the descriptions weren’t necessarily completely vivid, I did think that I got a pretty good idea of what things looked like.

While magic was certainly a big part of the first book, it definitely came into its own in The White Glove War. There was seriously so much more going on with this hoodoo business, and I found everything utterly fascinating and never confusing. It’s definitely interesting to ponder on what it means to have all this magic that can give you wealth, beauty, power, even love at your disposal. It was a treat to learn more about the magic, and to see how it could be both a helpful and a harmful tool in the lives of the Magnolias.

Speaking of the Magnolias, the relationships became even more intense in this one. There’s definite tension between lots of different parties – Alex and her grandmother, Hayes and her grandmother and mother, Alex and Hayes, Alex’s grandmother and Hayes’ grandmother and the Magnolias and the Buzzards. All this tension certainly made for some explosive and emotional moments, and I felt like a gleeful (if slightly ashamed) observer as I watched things implode. It makes me glad to be able to report that, by the end of the book, things are sort of resolved to my liking – with a twist I was not expecting.

There’s definitely a whole lot more happening in this book. Secrets are unraveled, relationships are viewed with a lens of honesty, dark magic is messed around with, the romance starts to become the real deal… It’s a lot for one book to take on. The White Glove War, however, is successful in bringing it all together in a story that had my attention from page one up until the end.

I sincerely hope there’s a third installment in this series, even if it is the final one. Though things definitely ended in a satisfying way, I can’t shake the feeling that there is definitely more that could happen to all these characters I’ve grown fond of. The White Glove War brings even more of that Southern charm, with a twisty story, an exploration of the characters and their relationships and a whole lot of hoodoo magic.

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The White Glove War
By Star
In Savannah, the Magnolia League holds all the cards…or do they? Alex Lee learned something very disturbing at the end of the first book, “The Magnolia League”, and she made a bargain with Sina (the hoodoo woman) she must keep or forfeit the one she loves most. In order to do this, she’s become the consummate Magnolia; hanging off her grandmother’s every word. Alex has had to grow fast in the world of the Magnolias and she has so many burdensome secrets to bear, not all of which are her own. In “The White Glove War”, the perspective switches between Alex and Hayes, two of the next generation of Magnolias. There are also two chapters which neither of them narrate, but are narrated by two different beings which hold key pieces to the story. “The White Glove War” brings us into the deeper, darker mysteries of Hoodoo and shows why a little knowledge can be harmful. Can Alex and Hayes figure out what is going on between the Magnolia sisters before it’s too late to save anyone?

I enjoyed “The White Glove War” very much as the reader was able to delve deeper into the rules and secrets which govern the Magnolia League. In-fighting, curses, darker uses of hoodoo magic and the spirit world all combine and crash together to create a haunting story. I liked the multiple voices in which the story was told and, for me, it flowed well. I feel the characters truly fit the location and their particular circumstances as Magnolias. I don’t think you should expect women with old Southern roots and who dabbles in hoodoo for youth, money, and power to be sweet and innocent, so I think the characters are written just right for this book. “The White Glove War” really brings home the point about parents wanting better for their children, but the choices made are not always worth the cost. I’m excited to see what happens next for the Magnolias!

Series: The Magnolia League (1), The White Glove War (2)

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The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch PDF

The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch PDF

The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch PDF
The White Glove War (The Magnolia League), by Katie Crouch PDF

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